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Year 3: Visit to ‘The Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery’

Year 3 further enhanced their English topic on Roald Dahl by visiting ‘The Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery’ in Aylesbury on Monday 21st January. The children were immersed into the wonderful world of Roald Dahl, becoming more familiar with Dahl as a writer and his amazing characters. The children learnt about where Dahl got his ideas and inspiration from and how his writing developed to the stories we read today. The interactive workshop also allowed children to explore scientific and historical ideas. For example, the children travelled through Mr Fox’s tunnel and came across underground treasures, including a Stone Age hand axe! The children were miniaturised like Mike Teavee, using cameras and mirrors to create the illusion. Year 3 also spent some time in the Bucks County Museum exploring their exhibits on local history. A truly phizz-whizzing day!