West Lodge

Primary School

Amar Patel

I joined the Governing body at West Lodge as a Parent Governor in November 2016.


I have 3 children (aged 6, 3 and 1). I have a BSc in Mathematics and work as the Head of IT for an Investment Manager, where I manage the IT team and have the responsibility for the IT Infrastructure of the company.


Over the past 15 years, I have developed strong IT strategy, project management and staff management skills while working under pressurised situations globally in numerous countries with varying business cultures. I have had to manage projects of varying scale and complexity with very aggressive deadlines and achieve results in ambiguous environments.            


With such a demanding work environment, a good work-life balance is very important to me.


As a parent, I believe this is the same when it comes to children, they need a good balance between academic education, sports, music and the most important, a lot of fun.

I am very passionate about education and feel that a challenging, fun and safe school environment for children is paramount. If encouraged, nurtured and educated in a friendly and unpressurised environment, children will gain the confidence, ability and knowledge they need to face the “big bad world”.


I am a friendly and approachable guy, I believe I can offer a lot of energy, time and enthusiasm. I feel I’ll be able to contribute and assist with the complexities and challenges faced by the strong leadership team, the talented staff and volunteers at West Lodge.

Term Start:  16/11/16

Term End:  15/11/24

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor

Appointing Body:  GB

Committees Membership:  Resources Management Committee, Quality and Standards Committee(Chair)

Responsibilities: Leadership, Health and Safety incorporating COVID, Induction/Training

Declaration of Interests:  None