West Lodge

Primary School

Curriculum Overview

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Children are provided with a dynamic, engaging Literacy curriculum, enriched through a wealth of stories, which reflects the West Lodge community. Children at West Lodge have a passion for reading, equipping them with the language to effectively communicate through writing and speaking and listening.


We follow the Read Write Inc. programme in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Read, Write Inc. is an integrated approach to teaching phonics, reading, writing, handwriting and spelling. You can find out lots more about Read Write Inc. at the following website.

You can also find out how to make sure that you are saying the sounds purely, which is how we teach phonics at school:

In Key Stage 2 we use whole class texts from the Wordsmith programme as a basis for our English Planning.



Children at West Lodge enjoy Maths and are able to see the beauty in it. They are able to use it as a language to help understand and explain the world around them. They feel secure enough to take risks, embrace challenge and develop deductive reasoning skills. At West Lodge children are continually developing strong skills in all areas of Maths. Maths at West Lodge prepares pupils to navigate their life in the modern world, and to see how Maths is such an important part of everything we do. Numbers are the key to unlock the door of problems.


Art and Design

Children at West Lodge enjoy the exploration and creation of Art and Design, and are equipped with the necessary skills to do so. The children feel safe enough in their environment to take risks and challenge themselves.  At West Lodge, children are given the opportunity to explore their individuality through autonomy within lessons and a personalised curriculum.


MFL - French and Mandarin

Children at West Lodge enjoy French and are able to see the relevance in French. They feel safe enough to take risks, embrace challenge and develop their knowledge of languages. At West Lodge children are given opportunities to express themselves creatively in French and to gain enjoyment and a sense of achievement. French at West Lodge prepares children to explore their own cultural identities and those of others and apply strategies to improve their learning. The children are taught French in Years 3 to 5 and in Year 6 they get the opportunity to learn mandarin, through our partnership with Pinner High School. 



Children at West Lodge are inquisitive about the world around them and how the past has shaped the present. Through their diverse community children are inspired to question and understand different backgrounds and cultures. Children develop a strong sense of empathy and realize their actions will have an impact on a wider scale. Humanities at West Lodge prepares children to have a strong sense of belonging to their local and wider community, developing appreciation and responsibility towards their environment.



Science at West Lodge nurtures children’s curiosity and inspires them, through a rich curriculum, to develop an appreciation for the subject. Children develop scientific skills and acquire knowledge through challenging lessons that include playing, exploring, and collaborating with others. Science at West Lodge develops children’s appreciation of the importance of Science in the real world.


At West Lodge we aim to equip all learners with the experiences and skills of Computing that they will use in a rapidly changing technological world. Learners in our environment will be confident and independent in their use of ICT to solve problems across the curriculum. 



Music is very high profile at West Lodge. We aim for all of our children to have access to and enjoy the curriculum as well as the wide range of extra curricula activities.  They should all be given the opportunity to express themselves through music and be uplifted by music and song. The walls of West Lodge vibrate with music from all around the world and children gain knowledge of other cultures whilst listening to, performing and even composing an eclectic assortment of music.  



West Lodge has many talented children within the area of PE. They are able to see the value of the skills they are learning and know what good and high quality PE looks like, understanding that PE is essential for a healthy lifestyle.   The children feel safe in their environment to take risks and challenge themselves.  PE at West Lodge enables children to apply a wide range of skills to great effect both within the curriculum and beyond.



Children at West Lodge enjoy PSHE and are able to use the skills they have learnt in their everyday lives.  They feel secure enough to take risks and embrace challenge whilst developing a strong sense of self worth and belief.  PSHE prepares pupils to navigate their life in the modern world. The school follows the MindUp programme and the children learn about mindfulness, positive psychology and how their brain works.


West Lodge follows the Harrow agreed syllabus for RE. The children learn about all of the major faiths and the key events and festivals. Studying and understanding the similarity between all religions is an important aspect of the curriculum.


Design Technology

Children explore a range of design technology topics across the school developing a wide range of skills. They learn about the process of designing, planning and creating through topics that are linked to other areas of the curriculum.