West Lodge

Primary School

Illness and Absence

During Covid 19 Lockdown it is important that we continue to follow attendance requirements.  The following actions should be followed by all Parents/Carers:


  • If your child or children fall ill and they are unable to attend the live sessions, you must report this to school using the absence line, stating the reasons why
  • If you have to attend an appointment and your child or children are unable to access the live sessions, you must inform the school using the absence line, stating the reasons why 

Despite covid we must all continue to report absences of pupils whether they are currently in school learning or at home learning. 

If your child is unwell you should telephone the school absence line on 0208 866 9836 by 9:30am.


If we have not received a message that your child is absent, a member of staff will telephone you to find out where your child is.  This is for your child’s safety and to ensure that we know they are safe, so please be understanding if you receive a call from us.


If you are not sure how long your child should be absent from school due to illness, the document below will provide a guide for you.