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Learning Research Group


At the beginning of this academic year, the Steering Group and Learning Research Group were invited to take part in a seven week training course entitled ‘Children as Researchers’ at the Learning Zone Centre, Wembley Stadium. This training course has been teaching all the children involved: the principles of ethical research, different research techniques and data capture and analysis. The course finishes on 18th November and the children will then carry out research on different areas of school life such as: Building Pupil Resilience, Positive Lunchtimes, What Makes a Successful Lesson? The findings from these research projects will help in our quest of continual improvement. The children involved should be really proud of how they have conducted themselves throughout the course demonstrating what engaging, hard-working and dedicated pupils they are.


The children in this group are:


Year 4 - Aaron, Amy, Aditya, Amelia Coyle

Year 5 - Ayaan, Freddie, Evie, May, Dylan, Oliver

Year 6 - Zak Choudary, Summer, Lehansa, Sudarshan