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Our School Staff

Leadership Team 

Headteacher Mr Dees
Deputy Headteacher (Teaching and Learning) Miss Rolnick
Deputy Headteacher (Inclusion) Mrs Grant

Assistant Head - Key Stage 1

Mrs Cooper
Assistant Head - Lower Key Stage 2 Mrs Haines
Assistant Head - Upper Key Stage 2

Mr West

Assistant Head - Whole School Assessment, Action Research

and Lesson Study 

Mr Bennett



Class Teachers

Reception - Silver Miss S Khan (Year Group Leader)
Reception - Yellow Mrs S Aldrich
Reception - Gold Miss H Robinson
Year 1 - Pink Miss B McHaffie (Year Group Leader)
Year 1 - Blue Mrs R Nasser/Mrs A Simons
Year 1 - Orange Mrs D Vaghela
Year 2 - Red Miss R Rajani (Year Group Leader)
Year 2 - Green Miss A Corby
Year 2 - Purple Miss R Patel
Year 3 - Maroon Mrs A Kambo (Year Group Leader)
Year 3 - Turquoise Mr G Beckwith
Year 3 - Lilac Mr I Bennett/Mrs J Rackham
Year 4 - Ruby Mr J Went (Year Group Leader)
Year 4 - Pearl Mrs K Dunn
Year 4 - Topaz Mrs N Cale/Mrs L Taylor
Year 5 - Emerald Mrs S Zara (Year Group Leader)
Year 5 - Amber Miss L Jennings
Year 5 - Aquamarine Miss E Mrowiec
Year 6 - Amethyst Mr M Earnshaw (Year Group Leader)
Year 6 - Sapphire Mrs S Gobindlal
Year 6 - Diamond Miss C Zhang

Mr A Revens

Miss B Kerl

Mrs J Mistry


Support Teaching Staff

Mrs V Kelshiker


Specialist Teachers

Specialist Teacher for Specific Learning Difficulties

Mrs J Eastwood

EAL Support Mrs S Holcombe
P.E. Mr D Nevins
Art/DT Mrs N Richardson


Mrs Parekh

Mandarin Mr Yen Fang
Pastoral Assistant Mrs C Kinsella

Ms M Genis (Steel pans - Year 4 and 5)


Mrs N Seymour (Recorder - Year 3)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr S Long

Support Teacher for Children with Social and Communication Difficulties

Mrs S Stalley


Early Literacy Consultant Mrs E Meenagh
Forest School Teacher Mr G Lappas
Literacy Support in EYFS & KS1

Mrs M Richmond


Learning Assistants

Mrs A. Ahmed

Miss Boardman

Mrs D. Bovington

Ms. L Carney

Mrs L. Chandarana

Mrs N. Clark

Mrs F. Cole

Mrs M. Constanti

Mrs B. Crowle

Ms M. Drury

Mr Mendis

Mrs Faustino

Mrs V. Fleming

Ms LM Halati

Mrs T. Hardcastle

Mrs J. Harding

Mrs F. Harris

Mrs R. Kapoor

Mrs M. Lad

Mrs L. Lockie

Mrs C. Mitchell

Ms S. Nair

Mrs D. Payne

Mrs J. Perrotta

Mrs S. Rajput

Mrs N. Richardson

Mrs. V. Sawjani

Mrs L. Shouler

Mrs J. Shah

Mrs J. Shah

Ms M. Tabinski

Mrs S. Tailor

Miss Thawer

Mrs S. Tilney

Mr V. Wade

ICT Technician

Mrs N Sangani


Site Supervisors

Mr S Guzzan

Mr G Bachoo



School Business Manager Miss N Lakhani
School Administrator Mrs T Patel
Receptionist / Events and Resources Manager

Mrs S Dines

Welfare Pastoral Care Mrs L Thomson
Finance Officer Mrs S Dasgupta



Mrs S. Tilney (Lead SMSA)

Ms J. Duncan

Mrs K. Kunverji

Mrs A. Minchin

Mrs V. Cooper

Ms S. Gudaal

Mrs P. Nathwani

Mrs S. Nanda

Mrs T. Vadgama

Mrs Konkader

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