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Recipe for Change

7th December 2017

Lunchtimes continue to evolve here at West Lodge. Since launch day on the 31st October, children have been embracing their new lunchtime routines and systems. We have a new lunchtime timetable which allows for all children to have plenty of time to eat and play, and also allows for a calmer experience in the dining hall. Paul, Recipe for Change’s Director, visited the school today to do some filming of service and interview staff, the catering team and the children. There will be a link to the film below, once it is available.


10th November 2017

It is very important that the children follow our school values of ready, respectful and safe. The School Council created a lunchtime charter following on from discussions with their classes. They also created a list of jobs for the table captains to do (see below):

3rd November 2017

20th October 2017

We are really excited to be launching our new dining room on Tuesday 31st October. We continue to work with Paul Aagaard from Recipe for Change ( to change the lunchtime routines. We aim to make eating a more sociable, calm and enjoyable experience for all children. We have introduced a new seating plan and have named all the tables after fruit and vegetables. We have also totally eliminated queuing from the dining hall, and have assigned each child to a specific table (these tables will change half termly). We hope that this will help to make lunchtime run really smoothly, and will encourage children to converse with children on their table. We are particularly excited, as this will mean that children who have packed lunch will be able to sit with the children who are having school dinners. This means that all children will have access to the dining hall and will be able to eat lunch in the same space, with their year group. We will keep you posted once the launch day has taken place.