West Lodge

Primary School

Anita Garg

I joined the Governing Body at West Lodge Primary School as a Co-opted Governor in September 2019. The primary reason for accepting this position was the school’s core values and their ethos of helping all children find the spark within them. I strongly believe that every individual has a talent, a spark that makes them unique.

Over the years, I have gained experience of working closely with school children and teaching them about inclusivity and cultural diversity through a medium of arts. I am trained in issues faced by children who have had a difficult start in life and may experience effects of the same in their early years’ development.

As a Lead Architect, my day-job involves designing strategic solutions for Finance companies and being accountable for my recommendations and decision-making. I believe the governance role I play in my professional life will help me in:

  1. offering the support that the school needs to achieve their goals and objectives.
  2. being a ‘critical but helpful’ friend through asking questions and challenging the work of the team.

I feel proud to be part of the West Lodge Primary School’s Governing Body and will endeavour to assist the school’s Leadership Team in not only achieving for every child but also striving to exceed for every child.

Term Start:  2 September 2019
Term End: 1st September 2027
Type: Co-opted Governor 
Appointing body: Governing Body
Committee membership: Quality and Standards Committee
Responsibilities: Scientific and Technological Understanding
Declarations: None