West Lodge

Primary School


Good behaviour is essential in the safeguarding of all children and in providing high quality learning experiences, in a stimulating and supportive environment.  Good behaviour is shown through the conduct of the whole school community, which enables the provision for a safe, secure and caring environment where effective learning can take place and where children can develop self esteem, independence, self discipline and responsibility.


The West Lodge Way and class charters are written at the beginning of every year, in consultation with the children during upper school and lower school assemblies and lessons.  They are then displayed in classrooms and around the school.

Lower School West Lodge Way

  • Be kind to everyone
  •  Help others
  •  Make new friends
  •  Speak to each other politely
  •  Take turns
  •  Take care of other people
  •  Share equipment and resources
  •  Make our classrooms good learning places


Upper School West Lodge Way

  • We are proud to be part of West Lodge Primary School – Pride in the Badge! (Loyalty, Truth and honour)
  • We will always try our best, achieve our quest and celebrate success!

  • We won’t be negative, if we can’t do something we will say; “I can’t do it YET!”

  • We will treat others as we would wish to be treated – with good actions, good words and good manners

  • We will be respectful of others and learn from each other

  • We will help each other and in turn be grateful for support and advice

  • We will treat our surroundings with respect and care

  • We will behave in an appropriate manner in all school areas: assembly hall, corridors, dining room, classrooms and playground

  • We will include everyone in our games and work; we won’t leave anyone out

  • We will always look smart by wearing our correct uniform with pride