West Lodge

Primary School

Sports Premium

West Lodge has many talented children within the area of PE. They are able to see the value of the skills they are learning and know what good and high quality PE looks like, understanding that PE is essential for a healthy lifestyle.   The children feel safe in their environment to take risks and challenge themselves.  PE at West Lodge enables children to apply a wide range of skills to great effect both within the curriculum and beyond.



We provide weekly swimming lessons for all children in Year 4 and our aim is to ensure that each child leaves West Lodge having achieved the National Curriculum standard. Raising awareness amongst the community and creating better links between West Lodge families and Highgrove will play a crucial role in helping all children to become confident swimmers and develop this crucial life skill. We encourage families to use the facilities at Highgrove as a supplement to lessons organised through the school.


Swimming Attainment

2017-18 - 82% achieved the National Curriculum Standard.

2018-19 - 73% achieved the National Curriculum Standard.

2019-20 - 84% achieved the National Curriculum Standard

2020-21 - (Y6 2020 -21 cohort) - 88% achieved the National Curriculum Standard