West Lodge

Primary School

West Lodge PALS

PALs are Peer Assisted Leaders, and it is a role that is available for children in years 3 and 6 to apply for.  PALs receive an interview and, if successful will receive training to support staff and peers in the playground at lunchtime. They are available to teach other children new games, to be a listening ear and to help resolve any conflicts on the playground. They are responsible for making sure all children are respected and have their UNICEF rights met in the playground. 


The number of children interested in becoming PALs over the past few years has been incredible – last year, we appointed over 50 children to take on the role and they work on a rota system at lunchtimes. The children take their role very seriously, and it is great for their personal development and to give them a sense of responsibility. They are looked after and supported by Mrs Kinsella, Pastoral Lead.