West Lodge

Primary School

School Council

West Lodge Primary School Council


We have a strong and active School Council which consists of 6 children from each Year Group from Year 1 through to Year 6. These pupils have been elected by their peers to represent the views of the pupils and raise issues with the School Leadership Team.



The School Council aims to:

Play an active role in making West Lodge Primary School a better place

Help all pupils enjoy their education and feel safe being in school

Influence decisions that affect pupils in the school

Ensure the teachers and the Leadership Team respond to the views, feelings and opinions of all the pupils

Fundraise for the school, support local initiatives and charities, responding, in particular, to immediate need

(Relates to ARTICLES 12 and 13 of the U.N. Convention of the Rights of the Child)


This year, the following School Council representatives have been elected:


Year 1 – Wren, Arjun, Saakshi, Kedaar, Teyo, Fatima

Year 2 - Asimina, Ayansh, Annika, Moksh, Yezen, Ida

Year 3 - Aarnav, Rhea, Aanshi, Pasha, Claudia, Humza

Year 4 - Ayngaran, Shruti, Phoebe, Diyen, Beth, Abhinav

Year 5 - Ayyan, Kashvi, Jay, Mishikaa, Summer, Thavindu

Year 6 – Simeon, Crystal, Imran, Diya, Sameer, Zainab