West Lodge

Primary School

Curriculum Intent

Vision :  At West Lodge each child finds the spark within them. The light continues to grow igniting the spark in others creating ripples throughout the world. It all starts with understanding and acceptance….


Mission :  To equip every child with a toolkit for a successful life.


At West Lodge Primary School, our pupils are offered a curriculum that is broad, balanced, exciting and creative. Teaching staff are very flexible, innovative and reflective with their approach to teaching which ensures all pupils are getting the opportunity to maximise their full potential and find their own spark.


At West Lodge our curriculum develops:

Self Growth

Children develop self-awareness, a growth mindset, a love of challenge and we create an environment where children embrace risk.

Ready Learners

Our pupils become independent, collaborative life-long learners, who are equipped for the future.

Respectful Contributors

Our curriculum nurtures happy, healthy (mind, body, soul) and empathic individuals, who make a positive contribution to creating a sustainable world and who are committed to promoting equality and diversity.

Knowledge Seekers

Our curriculum provides children with an opportunity to build a strong knowledge base across all areas of the curriculum. This enables children to develop the ability to think creatively.


This is all achieved through -

Igniting the Spark

The curriculum is inclusive and diverse allowing a range of opportunities for children to find their spark and reach their full potential.


Two key quotes underpin the ethos for our curriculum:


"There is a brilliant child locked inside every student." Marva Collins

(Our curriculum aims to provide a range of opportunities to meet the varied needs of all learners and give every child the best possible chance of finding their ‘song’, their ‘element’!)


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." W B Yeats

(Our curriculum aims to spark a love of learning in all – ignite the fire so that children become active learners and embark on a lifelong journey of learning)


Our pupils are challenged in fun and exciting ways through a curriculum that offers: real-life, purposeful learning opportunities; first-hand experiences and regular opportunities to learn outside the classroom via a range of educational visits, curriculum workshops and residential trips.


We aim to create learning experiences that help the children to develop a growth mindset, to enjoy challenge, work hard, persevere and develop creativity in all areas.


Running through our curriculum is the thread of the UNCRC and we are a Rights Respecting School (RRS). All medium-term plans refer to the relevant articles of the UNCRC and learning opportunities are built into topics which help children learn to understand and respect these articles. Aspects of the curriculum are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and leading to an understanding of the importance of taking positive action to support the global effort to achieve these. West Lodge has worked collaboratively with a number of schools across London as part of the Equality in Education project. This has led to the school selecting texts carefully, adapting topics and themes to ensure that equality, equity, diversity and representation are threads that run through our curriculum.


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, then please contact the school directly.