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At West Lodge, Computing is integral to everyday life and plays an immeasurable part in our children’s futures. The teaching of Computer Science provides our children with the skills to ensure that they are computational thinkers who are ready to face the exciting challenges of, and thrive as creators and collaborators in a growing technological world. Children value the importance of being a responsible digital citizen and think carefully about the contributions they make online towards their digital footprint. Computing lessons ensure that pupils experience a rich and broad curriculum, allowing them to express themselves and sparking their curiosity whilst further developing their knowledge through information technology.

E-safety continues to be at the heart of Computing teaching where students learn to become responsible digital citizens in partnership with parents, carers and the wider community.


How we teach Computing

At West Lodge we have a balanced curriculum that is sequenced and designed around the three areas of computing. IT is designed with natural links through the curriculum areas, for example, Blogging and Literacy.

In developing the curriculum, we have drawn from a range of materials that are nationally recognised and personised into a robust and relevant curriculum. The offering for pupils is relevant, purposeful and e-safety centred.

The curriculum is progressive and is built on the skills learnt in previous years. Lessons give students the opportunity to be collaborative and solve problems. The lessons are also designed to encourage independence and creativity. 

We have a computer suite and iPads for the whole school to use. Reception and Year 6 have their own set of iPads. All classes have a timetabled slot to use the computer suite every week.  


Useful Links



Purple Mash




BBC Computing KS1

BBC Computing KS2



Online Safety Links:

Safer Internet


Ask About Games

BBC Own It


Friendly search engine aimed at KS2:


Screen time guidance:


Social Media information:



Esafety Books:



Swoosh and glide: 


Subject Leader

The subject lead for Computing is Nicola Cale and Wes Jefferson is the Computing specialist.