West Lodge

Primary School

Stanley Babukutty

Stanley is excited to have been selected as a Co-opted Governor and looks forward to bringing his approaches and pedagogical background to support the headteachers and the leadership team. He believes volunteering for the role of governor is a rewarding way to get involved in the local community and the education and future of our children. He wants to support the running of West Lodge School while utilising his experience in Education and Healthcare Management to build on the successes of the School. He is keen to make a positive impact on the staff, pupils, families and the wider community of the School. He has a good understanding of and networks in the local community, having lived in the area for over 7 years. Stanley has two primary school children so the issues around kids' wellbeing and education are close to his heart. Before joining the NHS, where he is responsible for commissioning training and managing large budgets, Stanley worked in the higher education sector collaborating closely with academic staff and students. He also brings insights from the hospitality sector from his early career and has volunteered as an HR Specialist with The British Army Reserves. He is also a certified Mental Health First Aider. He is into sports, especially cricket, and loves to relax on the sofa (if that’s a possibility) to watch TV undisturbed after a long day.


Term Start: 19th May 2022

Term End: 19th May 2026

Type: Co-opted Governor 

Appointing body: Governing Body

Committee membership: Resources Management Committee


Declarations: None