West Lodge

Primary School

Kaleidoscope - ARMS Provision

Kaleidoscope is a provision for autistic students at Westlodge, this makes Westlodge an additional resourced mainstream school. (ARMS)   The primary aim of the provision is to support our students to be fully integrated in to their class.  Staff in Kaleidoscope will adapt the work from the student’s year group so that they are able to access the national curriculum. This may look different for each student and as such we do not set blanket targets.  Each student within Kaleidoscope is set individual targets to help achieve progress with their academics, social communication skills and their lifeskills. 


Our mantra is "No challenge too big, no achievement too small." This means that we realise that there may be significant challenges in achieving our goals but we are ready and willing to face them.  It also means that our students may have to work harder at certain skills than other children and whilst they may take smaller steps on their journey these steps will be celebrated. 

Please click on the document below for admission guidance to Kaleidoscope the ARMS provision.