West Lodge

Primary School

Diamond Jubilee 1954 - 2014

We celebrated our Diamond Jubilee with a host of exciting events.


All week we took part in activities looking back over the past 60 years.  Reception celebrated the circus and had their very own tea party, Year 1 played playground games from over the decades, Year 2 focussed on the 1950s, Year 3 looked at TV programmes, Year 4 looked at how Disney films have developed over the decades, Year 5 focussed on music and Year 6 looked at advances in Science, Medicine and Space Exploration.


In addition all children learnt circus skills and enjoyed a performance from 'Circus Normandie' who brought their big top to the West Lodge field. 


Every child decorated a diamond, representing the colour of their class.  The diamonds were all put together and displayed around the school to mark the Jubilee year.


On Thursday afternoon, over 200 past and present pupils, teachers, governors and parents joined us at our Diamond Jubilee Tea Party.  It was a fantastic afternoon.  Current pupils entertained the guests with drama, dance, singing and the orchestra performed to close the event.  As a founder pupil, Michael Rosen joined us to help us celebrate.  He talked to all the children about his time at West Lodge and spoke to the guests at the tea party about his memories from starting school back in September 1954.

Fancy Dress 1954 - 2014