West Lodge

Primary School

'Animal Man' visit to West Lodge

On Tuesday, Ranger Stu, aka 'Animal Man', came to West Lodge with his menagerie of wild animals to visit the children in Reception and Kaleidoscope.


In Reception the children got up close to an owl, Chilean rose tarantula, tortoise, bearded dragon, armadillo and a tenrec, an animal from Madagascar that looks like a hedgehog but is related to elephants. Afterwards the children wrote thank you notes to Stu for giving them such an amazing experience and teaching them interesting facts about animals. 


All the children from Kaleidoscope had the opportunity to learn and get close to different types of animals too. The children were very brave handling tarantulas, stroking snakes and ‘corralling’ armadillos.  They even handled a tenrec. It was a great, fun-filled, learning experience.