West Lodge

Primary School

Indoor Athletics

On Tuesday, West Lodge's Year 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics Team were one of 12 finalists from all schools in London at the London Youth Games. The team had been training immensely hard, with dedicated training sessions every break time and lunch time and also some before and after school sessions. The highest any Harrow team had reached previously (which was West Lodge) was 10th place, so that was the target to beat. On the day, the quality was extremely high, with not only some of the best athletes in London in attendance, but some of the best in the UK. Every one of the 30 children selected were focused and tried desperately hard to achieve their own personal targets. When the event was over, there was a very tense wait to find out that we had finished as the 4th best school out of all schools in London! It was another amazing achievement for the children and staff of West Lodge, who have recorded another personal best for the school and the borough!


Some of our outstanding scores include: 


  • 1st place in girls vertical jump and boys javelin
  • 2nd place in girls over & under relay
  • 3rd place in girls obstacle relay, boys over & under relay, boys speed bounce, boys vertical and girls javelin