West Lodge

Primary School

new outdoor classroom

This week we officially opened our new outdoor classroom and the children have been enjoying using the space. We shared the following script as our pledge to ensure that this space provides inspiration for the pupils and staff of West Lodge to learn more about their special place within the web of life and ensure that we look after our part of the planet in a sustainable way. We have woven our vision and core values into the pledge.



Here amongst the beauty of nature, we gather united, inaugurating our outdoor classroom – an inspiration for learning and nature connection beneath the open sky. With awe and reverence for our part within the web of life – we pledge to cultivate knowledge – embracing the whispers of the wind and the teaching of the trees.

In this space we commit to fostering a space where curiosity flourishes; resilience blossoms and the diverse community of life thrives. An inclusive space where all are welcome.

Our innate kindness to the natural world emerges within us and with a sustainable mindset, we pledge to tread lightly, leaving only positive imprints on the earth.

Within our sparks ignited, we promise to carry the wisdom gained here into the world, creating ripples of positive change. With this pledge, we declare our new outdoor classroom open, a boundless realm of inspiration!