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Primary School

Poem by Anya Khatri in Year 6, Sapphire Class

Anya Khatri in Sapphire Class wrote her own poem entitled 2021 as part of the poetry recital challenge – the poem beautifully captures everyone's experience of the previous year. Well Done Anya!



What a funny year 2021 has been,

A great loss for the Queen.


The COVID stone - we all got fatter,

The people stood up for lives that matter.


We rejoiced in a chance, and thought it would come home,

Delta became a common name as we quarantined alone.


The laptop was put away for a brief time,

But in January we all returned online.


The news became more grave with every passing day,

But most of us were vaccinated by the end of May.


Omicron threatened to cancel Christmas Day,

But the party went ahead - Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!


What a peculiar year, 2021,

I for one am glad it’s done,

Looking forward to what 2022 brings,

Let’s just hope, that it sings!