West Lodge

Primary School

The West Lodge Roundhouse

On Monday 24th April, West Lodge Primary School travelled back in time as they celebrated History Day. The day also marked the official opening of their Celtic roundhouse which has recently been built - Steve Gumble and his team from Harts of Oak led the building project which involved the children weaving willow and plastering the walls with a mixture of horse dung and lime!

The building of the Celtic roundhouse is part of many projects the school is undertaking to further develop outdoor learning. Many guests were present at the special assembly which took place on the field by the roundhouse including: The Deputy Mayor – Margaret Davina, The Leader of Harrow Council – Sachin Shah, The Holder of Portfolio for Education – Christine Robson, School Improvement Partner – Brian Netto, The Chair of Governors – Gideon Adey and members of FOWLs (Friends of West Lodge).

The project was funded by FOWLs – who work incredibly hard to raise funds to support the school. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day of history - dressing up as historical characters and participating in a variety of exciting activities including: Celtic storytelling, life in a Victorian classroom, Roman code breaking, writing in Egyptian hieroglyphs, being archaeologists and much more. Children at West Lodge commented that they always have so much fun learning about the past.