West Lodge

Primary School

Year 3 - Polar Day with special guest speaker Matt Dickinson

Year 3 had Polar Day on Monday as part of our Life in the Freezer topic in Geography.


As part of the day, Matt Dickinson was invited in to carry out a series of sessions with the children. Matt Dickinson is an award-winning writer and filmmaker with a passion for climbing and adventure. During his filmmaking career he has worked as a director/cameraman for National Geographic television, the Discovery Channel, the BBC and Channel 4.


The focus for the day was Polar regions and Antarctica. Matt talked to the children about his experiences of his expedition to Antarctica, the animals and wildlife that can be found in these regions, habitats, survival and climate change. Matt talked to the children about the impact of global warming on the polar regions and the world.  Children thought about who they would take on a polar expedition with them and who would make a good tent buddy, they carried out research about climate change and the effects of this in the polar regions and wrote a postcard from Antarctica. Matt was very impressed with the knowledge of the children in year 3 and their writing skills. He also signed copies of his books that children had brought in!